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(English) Famous Inspirational Quote Illustratinos by Ryan McArthur

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 English のみです。


Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

バルセロナを拠点とし細かいディテールを描くのを得意とする、Andreas Preis (アンドレアス・プリース)は動物と文字を会わせた”グロー”と言うタイトルのイラストシリーズを完成させた。

(English) Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Album Cover Critiqued by High Profile Graphic Designers

Friday, December 13th, 2013

どこかでレディー·ガガの最新アルバムのARTPOPカバーを見た可能性があります。これは、ジェフ·クーンズによって設計され、印象的でカラフルなポップアートのイメージです。クーンズとのコラボレーションについてガガは「私たちはWarholと逆のアートをポップに持っていきます。」と言いました。Co. Designはグラフィックデザインのスター、Stefan Sagemeister、Paula Scher、Nate Duvalにガガとクーンズのアルバムカバーコラボレーション論評してもらいました。

Co.Design: Do you think this Gaga and Koons collaboration is successful in its attempt to merge high art with pop culture? How might you have designed it differently?

Stefan Sagmeister: I am intrigued by the visual of the Lady herself. It is iconic and a good departure from past Gaga incarnations. Love the blue ball and hate the type. This would have been so much stronger without any typography.

Paula Scher: I LOVE the cover. It’s hilarious, sensual, and beautiful. Just like Lady Gaga.

Nate Duval: It sort of looks hastily pieced together in Photoshop. Personally, I would have focused more on the statue, which does look intriguing, in a more realistic high-fashion photo shoot setting, aiming for a larger focus on an artificial/natural juxtaposition. Seeing the hand of the artist and layout work done digitally sort of softened the blow of the striking and thought-provoking image of Stephanie cast in plastic.

Co.Design: In an effort to get people to actually buy the physical album instead of just downloading it, the first half-million physical copies sold won’t have a flat image cover. Instead, “Lady Gaga” will be pasted on, in hot pink metallic foil, and the word ARTPOP will appear in silver. Does this have potential to turn into a collector’s item?

Stefan Sagmeister: That depends 100% on the quality of the music. If the album is epoch-making and genre-changing, then yes, this will become an icon. If it is, as I suspect without having heard it all, one more pop record, then it will not. We shall see.

In general, files, unlike vinyl and CDs, are not scratchable and therefore do not need to be packaged. This is why album covers lost their meaning–and the reason we have not designed one in a long time. The Koons-Gaga collaboration temporarily reverses this. It makes the packaging matter a little bit. The fact that we are talking about this can’t be bad for her album.

Nate Duval: I think the foil version will look even more disjointed and be even less effective than the flat version. I think it will come off like some of the classic No Limit hip-hop covers of the ’90s, where the type was constructed out of diamonds and gold.

Glitter and tricks don’t always make something better, which I think is a funny sentiment that our fair Lady would probably agree with, too. A classic high-fashion shoot of the Gaga statue, with contoured embossing giving it a three-dimensional look, would have added to the level of realism and would have been a cool way to use an extra printing technique.




Wu-Note (ウーノート)

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

ミシガン州デトロイトのグラフィックデザイナー、Logan Walters(ローガン・ウォルターズ)  はWu-Tang(ウータンはニューヨークのラップグループ)のCDカバーをブルーノート風にリデザインした。Wu-TangとBlue Note Recordsの融合なので彼のシリーズは”Wu-Note”(ウーノート)と言うタイトル。ニューヨークタイムズ、ニューヨークマガジン、ザ・フロントフィード、や様々なところでフィーチャーされている。


Monday, July 30th, 2012

“Superhero Typographic Classifications”(スーパーヒーロータイポグラフィッククラシフィケーションズ)はミネソタ州に住むグラフィックアーティスト、Matthew Olin (マシュー・オリン)が作ったシリーズだ。スーパーヒーローとフォントをカップリングした。

Often-chaotic communication clutters the clarity of our visual world; however, we can draw analogies between the elements of design and those of superheroes in an attempt to create clarity, educate and inspire. These elements, primarily the use of symbol, color and typography, have the power to communicate with an audience far beyond the surface level. Relating these characteristics to those found within beloved superheroes lets us connect the qualities of each and draw similarities between the two. In doing so, we can champion our profession as leaders in organizing chaos and creating change in an informed world. – Matthew Olin