HELP Haiti!


Our hearts go out to those in Haiti in the wake of the recent devastation. There are some links below with more information about the recent crisis and ways to contribute to the Haiti relief efforts:

Apple has set up an iTunes Store page for Haiti donations. You can also help just by signing this petition: Drop the Debt petition. There are organizations like World Vision, UNICEF USA, and The Red Cross who are accepting donations. Google has also set up a Crisis Response page with an easy way to donate money to other legitimate relief organizations. There are even ways to text your donations, just check out CNN’s extensive list of organizations that are helping in the Haiti relief efforts. If you don’t already know about the earthquake disasters and aftermath in Haiti, here are some videos on the current situation.

14 Responses to “HELP Haiti!”

  1. Wow, the p*0*rn guys are providing relief to Haiti, :-\

  2. This article was awesome. I have been looking for just this sort of blog.I am grateful for this information.

  3. Eliza Wilde says:

    Hmm… Interesting! I always love reading the posts on this website.

  4. Besides donating my own money to Haiti, I will continue to pray for them. Lifting everything up to Heaven for them.

  5. Roger Callen says:

    Having lived through a number of hurricanes, the reality is that not only are these folks suffering now, but they will be suffering for many years to come.It will take years and an enormous amount of funds to rebuild the infrastructure, not to mention building dwellings, schools, and stores. One can only hope that the internatinal community continues to supprt the people in Haiti. Then, one can only hope that they will have leadership that supports the people of Haiti.

  6. reikomeenie says:

    LOVE for HAITI!

  7. reikomeenie says:

    LOVE for planet earth.

  8. Enoch Sutler says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  9. Myron Reedy says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. If more of us used your line of thinking, the world would be a better place.

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  11. reikomeenie says:

    i think planet earth is suffering. i hope we will be able to try to heal our planet.
    i believe any little thing will help.
    love and peace.

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